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Taller Lutz Raabe - Reliable, qualified, prompt and good value for money, with more than 30 years of experience - Putting the seal of excellence on service and quality.r calidad.

Manuel,. Lutz .und .Margit Raabe

We use ultra-modern diagnostic apparatus for pilot systems which can not only accurately detect faults and failures, but also correct the erroneous errors on systems such as ABS, sensors, air-conditioning, cruise control, valve control, air pressure and airbag servicing.

We specialise in American cars and V8 engines, offering all types of service. Working alongside respected American dealers, we are able to provide parts and accessories to all models.

Maintenance, repair and inspection of all kinds.
Specialists in American brands and V8 engines. Arrangements and spare parts.
Mechanical and modern engine diagnosis
Computer diagnosis for all makes and models
Battery services
Exhaust test servicing
Brake service
Oil change
Diesel service
Catalytic converter
Air-conditioning Service
Shock and chassis service
Body and paint work
Gearbox and automatic transmission specialists in Tenerife
Oldtimer service
Caravan and motorhome service
Various offers

... When it comes to cars 'el maestro', Raabe, will know the answer!

All work performed and produced in our workshop is guaranteed to be quick and carefree.

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